Fresh meat selection available every day at Boone’s Butcher Shop.



Do you have any specialties or items you recommend? 

Oh yeah we do!   

  • Our Special Marinated Boneless Pork Chops – these bad boys are ready for the grill!  The secret to getting the perfect pork chop is to let them steam for 20-30 minutes after you grill them.  We line a small cooler with aluminum foil, place the chops in the cooler and shut the top.  The steam makes them extra juicy and tender! 
  • Homemade Bratwurst – also perfect for grillin’!  Try our brats with cheddar cheese or hot brats with pepper jack cheese.  We also make an all-beef bratwurst.  Find them in our freezer section! 
  • Fresh Stuffed Sausage with Cheese – what’s better than our homemade breakfast sausage?  Our homemade breakfast sausage stuffed into a natural casing with chunks of cheese inside, that’s what!   
  • Boone’s All Meat Bologna and Hotdogs and Pit Ham– we partnered with a family owned and operated butcher shop in southern Indiana to develop Boone’s All Meat Bologna and Hotdogs.  It only takes one taste to make you a believer!  Ask for a sample of our bologna and ham in the deli. 
  • Beef Summer Sausage and Snack Sticks – made and cooked right here in our plant!  Choose plain or with pepper jack cheese.
  •  Seasoned Stuffed Pork Chops – pork chops stuffed with our homemade breakfast sausage and then covered in our unique Piggie Rub.  Meant to be cooked low and slow.  Talk about a belly-filler!
  •  Fresh Ground Beef, Chuck and Sirloin – we grind fresh beef every morning. You can taste the difference. If our ground beef is a little brown in the middle, don’t worry, that’s normal for natural ground beef with no preservatives.  Check out our FAQ on that here.
  •  Pork Burgers – try them plain or with our BBQ seasoning.  We make excellent beef burgers too, but sometimes you just need something a little different! 
  • Sweet Bourbon Glaze – this sauce is finger-lickin’ good!  Great on pork and chicken, our favorite way is basted on baby back ribs.  Makes a great dipping sauce too!
  •  Boone’s Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub – our favorite steak and roast seasoning.  It’s a great classic dry rub that can be sprinkled on almost anything.  Put it on one of our bone-in chuck roasts or a cowboy ribeye steak.   

Please note that  ANY deer meat (whole, quartered or boneless) dropped off after December 5th will not be guaranteed to be done before Christmas. Please check back periodically for updates on deer capacity for the day.