Deer Processing Fall/Winter 2023/2024

HOURS: There will be NO deer drop off on Sundays for the 2023/2024 season. We will only accept deer during our normal operating hours of Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM and Saturdays 7 AM – 3 PM, or until we’ve reached our capacity for the day.


***Deer Processing Capacity***

Like last year, we will cap the number of whole deer we will take daily during Modern Gun Season (November 11th – November 26th). Our capacity is impacted by several factors – our staffing levels, the health of our employees, cooler space, etc. – and capacity can change daily. We will update our website and phone recording if we reach capacity on any given day during Modern Gun Season.

***Deer Drop-Off Process***

We will accept whole deer and boneless or quartered deer during our normal operating hours Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM and Saturdays 7 AM – 3 PM. There will be no deer drop off on Sundays for the 2023/2024 season.

Whole deer will be accepted at the back door. Follow the drive on the east side of the building, next to the power substation, around the back of the building to the concrete pad and large metal door on the south corner of the building, past the livestock chutes. You will need to unload your deer and bring it to the door for check in.

Please bring bone-in or boneless deer to the far-right metal door on the front of the building. During busier times, there will be a sign-in sheet and you will wait at your car until we call you to come inside for drop-off.

Please have your confirmation number ready at drop-off. We require a $60 deposit for whole deer at drop off. There is no deposit for boneless deer and deer quarters.

You may call in your deer cutting instructions after you drop it off if you prefer. Choose option number 5 for deer processing. If you choose to call in your instructions, you will need to pay your $60 deposit at drop off.

If we do not get cutting instructions for your deer on the day of drop off, we will process your deer in standard cuts.

***Deer Pick-Up Process***

We will give you an estimated time frame for when your deer will be ready at drop off. Please do not call us to check the status of your order until it has been 4 weeks since you dropped it off. We will not check the status of orders less than 4 weeks old.

We will text, email, or call you when your order is ready. You will receive a notification faster if you sign up for text or email notification. We request that you pick up your deer meat within 3 days of your first notification.


***Other Information***

We only batch process deer. You will get your steaks and roasts back, but all ground product and cooked product will be batched with other deer. We check the wholesomeness and cleanliness of deer before processing it and will reject deer that is not wholesome.

We will charge a discretionary cleaning fee if deer meat is not clean when dropped off to cover the cost of us cleaning it prior to processing OR we may reject it.

Do NOT skin a whole deer before bringing it here. We charge $25 EXTRA if you skin it.

We will NOT call you when your cape for a shoulder mount is ready. You will need to pick up your cape within 3 days of drop off. We do not freeze them.

Out of state deer must be boneless or quartered with the head, hide and spinal column removed.

We will begin accepting deer for the 2023 season on Tuesday, September 6, 2023 until March 1st, 2024.